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Luckily for us, IE5/Win has its own parsing bug that we can exploit: it looks at that odd looking voice family and mistakenly thinks that this entire « body p » selector is over, so it ignores all the lines until the « } ».Now we have carved out a smaller realm where we can define rules that are applied in all browsers except Netscape 4 and IE5/Win. So we redefine font size to small, which non IE5/Win browsers (the only ones still listening) correctly interpret as 12px (at default settings). Again, if the user sets their « text size » to larger, this text will scale larger, which is what we want.But wait! Opera 5 has the same parsing bug that IE5/Win has, so it was also confused by the voice family hack, but it correctly interprets font keywords, so now our text will look too small in Opera 5.

In the foreground, at the water’s edge, a large pile of excrement is tastefully depicted in a semi abstract form. Because the image is black and white in fact predominantly grey none of the dramatic colour that is normally associated with sunset imagery is present, resulting in a neutral atmosphere. The total absence of detailed features of any kind adds to this..

Ces digressions pour justifier le silence du Journal sur mon site. Je n pas abandonn Odette du Puigaudeau. Monique V m confi un r passionnant : Mon ami Rachid, gu (Albin Michel, 1948, photos de Ylla, hongroise, une amie photographe de Odette). Un autre enseignement est à tirer: à court terme, nous devons nous méfier de la décentralisation des pouvoirs. N pas qu tats Unis, certains tats condamnent encore la sodomie alors que d financent les associations homosexuelles. Nous risquons de connaître ce type de situation avec l des nouveaux conseils régionaux.

This possibility will be investigated during the nomination process. Six centres have been identified along the central slave route to include Bagamoyo, Mamboya, Mpwapwa, Kilimatinde, Kwihara and Ujiji Bagamoyo Due to its location along the Indian Ocean and being a major harbor and town along the coast of Tanzania that played a key role in the East Africa Slave trade; Bagamoyo is a of memory for human suffering and humiliation caused by Slavery and the Slave trade and the imposition of European colonialism. The population of Bagamoyo groups is the result of the interaction and fusion of different ethnic groups from the interaction and fusion of different ethinic groups from the hinterland and immediate coastal built especially the Wazaramo, Wadoe, Wakwere and Wazigua and the interiors especially Wanyamwezi and Wamanyema.

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