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Citing the July 2005 murder of Haitian journalist Jacques Roche, a May 2005 attack on a Port au Prince marketplace that killed seven people and saw a large part of the market, which served the capital poor, burned to ashes and what they charged was a campaign of rape by gangs supportive of the exiled president in the capital’s slums, last year four of Haiti’s most politically progressive organizations the Groupe d aux Rapatries et Refugies (GARR), the Plateforme haïtienne de Plaidoyer pour un Développement Alternatif (PAPDA), Solidarité des Femmes Haïtiennes (SOFA) and Centre National et International de Documentation et d de la Femme en Haïti (EnfoFanm) all signed a petition calling for Aristide to be judged for his crimes against the Haitian people [16].Rape and other transgressions, unfortunately, appear to be looked upon as just another weapon in the arsenal of some of Haiti politicians by which they can crush opposition to them and whatever designs they may have on power. It is high time that it be denounced without regards to who is committing it, and that foreign lawyers, journalists, researchers and others stop attempting to shield the guilty from having to answer for their crimes.[2] â rights abuse and other criminal violations in Port au Prince, Haiti: a random survey of households,â by Athena R Kolbe and Royce A Hutson, The Lancet, 31 August 2006.[3] â reconsiders article about Haiti rights abuse,â by The Associated Press, 9 September 2006.[4] â disturbing legacy,â by Ira Kurzban, The Miami Herald, 7 September 2006.[5] â the Media Lies about President Aristide,â by Justin Felux, Dissident Voice. 14 March 2004.[6] â taken from rebels feels heat of reprisal,â by Marika Lynch, The Miami Herald, 24 February 2004.[7] Notes from the Last Testament: The Struggle for Haiti (Seven Stories Press) by Michael Deibert, November 2005.[8] University of Miami School of Law Faculty bio.[9] â Gangs Combat Demonstrators,â Gerry Hadden report for National Public Radioâ â Things Considered,â 10 February 2004.[10] â might key to Aristide grip on power,â by Steven Dudley, Boston Globe, 19 February 2004.[11] « Letter to Inter American Commission on Human Rights, » 24 March 24 2005.[12] IJDH Annual Report 2005.[13] â Fairness for René Civilâ by the Insititute for Justice and Democracy in Haiti, 31 August 2006.[14] Foreign Agents Registration Unit (FARA) Semi Annual Reports (Haiti), 2001 2004.[15] â ancien zélé partisan d’Aristide passe aux aveux,â by Radio Metropole, 28 January 2005.[16] â citoyenne pour réclamer la mise en accusation de Jean Bertrand Aristide et de ses partisans en Haïti,â by PAPDA, GARR, EnfoFanm and SOFA, 26 July 2005..

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